Friday, November 03, 2006

Birds at Banner Marsh, East Access and Bell's Landing

Canada Geese and Horned Larks on the road leading to Bell's Landing at Banner Marsh.

Horned Larks, cropped.

Horned Lark in flight.

Wilson's Snipe, listed as Common Snipe in Sibley's. We watched him feeding for quite a while at Bell's Landing, Banner Marsh.

Wilson's Snipe with bill exposed.

Greater Yellowlegs 1.

Greater Yellowlegs 2.

Red-tailed Hawk. He was sitting in a tree directly in front of the car as we left the East Access. I took this photo through the windshield of the car. Then I attempted to get out of the car to get a better photograph.

Flying away.

American Coots were everywhere, hundreds of them, at East Accees, Banner Marsh.

One of the two Great Blue Herons flying around looking for the right spot to land.

Gulls and a Coot.

Birds at Banner Marsh, Bell's Landing.

Mute Swans at Bell's Landing, keeping an eye on me.

Mute Swans at Bell's Landing, talking to me.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sparrows at Cooper Park and Forest Park

Song Sparrows were mixed with the other small brown jobs at Cooper Park last Wednesday afternoon, just before the clouds and rain moved in.

Song Sparrow # 2.

White-throated Sparrow # 1.

White-throated Sparrow # 2.

White-throated Sparrow # 3.

Fox Sparrows were abundant.

Fox Sparrow # 2.

Fox Sparrow # 3.

Chickadee in the Brush.

Goldfinch landing.

Chickadee flying in for some bugs on the leaves.