Monday, May 31, 2010

Clark Road at Emiquon

The view of Emiquon from Clark Road changes every time I drive by. The palette changes from season to season, and even week to week. The yellows of early early spring are giving way to the greens of summer on this final weekend of May.

High up in the trees on the bluff side of Clark Road, a Baltimore Oriole sang his quirky little songs with many short whistles, teasing me as he remained hidden in the foliage. I got one quick shot of him before he totally disappeared from sight but not sound.

Dozens of Indigo Buntings, both male and female, flew back and forth across the road. Most stayed hidden after their quick flight, but this one in the distance let me take a few photos.

Every where I looked, I found dragonflies; they flew along the road and throughout the prairie. Common Green Darners were prevalent. They patrolled the area relentlessly, chasing others from their territory before returning to patrol. I took this photograph of one on the wing last summer.

Widow Skimmers were hard to photograph, as they did not stay in one place for long.

Blue Dashers, both male and female, were everywhere. They frequently stopped on a grass leaf or seed head.



Damselflies were as abundant as dragonflies. I took this photo at the pull-off at the south end of Thompson Levee.

I flushed an American Bittern as I approached the pond.

A Bold Jumper spider hunted in the tall grass next to the road before dropping out of sight.

Many Cabbage White butterflies flitted around the road.

A Hackberry Emperor butterfly checked out a coyote foot left on the road by the vultures.

A Question Mark butterfly hung out on the road near the Hackberry.

Three fishermen were fishing the estuary on this hot humid day.

When I left Emiquon, I drove County 9 to Lewistown. As I came around the turn by the Waterford Church and Apple Barn, a turkey walked across the field of emerging soybeans. I enjoyed the opportunity until a truck approached from behind and honked to hurry me along, flushing the bird. The people in the truck didn't seem to see the turkey. They passed me as soon as the road straighted a bit.