Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hiking Along Coal Creek

In April, the Emiquon Corps of Discovery took a hike along Coal Creek looking for spring woodland flowers and butterflies.

I found a Red Admiral butterfly sunning his wings.

A Pearl Crescent butterfly displayed his upper wings nicely.

A Delaware Skipper sat out in the sun.

A Question Mark Butterfly rested on a fallen log.
Question Mark Butterfly - Underside

Question Mark Butterfly - Upperside

We have had an early spring, and many flowers had already bloomed. However we did find a few flowers in the woods along the bluffs of Coal Creek, including this Purple Trillium.
Woodland Flowers - Trillium

Woodland Flowers - Trillium

Woodland Flowers - Trillium

On the way back I found a Silver-spotted Skipper.
Silver-spotted Skipper - Upperside

Silver-spotted Skipper - Upperside