Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clark Road

I love walking along Clark Road, which runs between the bluff and the Emiquon Preserve north of Thompson Lake. There is always something interesting to see. One of my favorite spots is an rock outcropping that reminds me of southern Illinois.


Looking south from Clark Road, you can see the smoke stack of the Havana power plant, which is at least 8 miles away.


On some days, the steam bellows out, forming clouds over the valley.


This was taken in 2007.

Emiquon Patterns May IMG_0005

The area is now filled with water; it is what I call the Clark Road Estuary, between IL SR 78 and Clark Road.

We frequently find hawks and eagles flying along the edge between the bluffs and the valley. One day we found a dark morph red-tailed hawk rested in a tree along Clark Road.


Bluebirds and other small birds reside in the brush along both sides of the road.