Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Raptor Survey: Eagle Migration Day

We did the Raptor Survey on the last day of January. Scott and I had done a survey earlier in the month, but my notebook with the data disappeared. We took the opportunity of beautiful sunny day on the last day of the month to repeat the survey. We must have hit the road on Eagle Migration Day, because we spotted 24 Bald Eagles, some juveniles, some adults, flying along the bluffs of the river just north of Banner Marsh. They were in groups of 3, 4, 4, and 8. All were too far for decent photographs, but we enjoyed watching them soar over the bluffs, some interacting with each other in the air before flying on their way.

Eagles Along the Bluff
Eagles Along the Bluff
Eagles Along the Bluff
Eagles Along the Bluff

Between Bartonville and where IL 78 splits from IL 24 and turns south towards Emiquon we only spotted 4 Red-tailed hawks. They apparently were all hiding down at Emiquon, where we found 10 Red-tailed hawks along with a couple of Northern Harriers, and three Rough-legged Hawks. Six of the Red-tailed and the three Rough-legged hawks were all along Clark road. Some were hunting out in the fields, some cruising along the bluff that runs along the west side of Clark Road. Two of the Rough-legged hawks were hovering in the strong breeze out over the prairie.