Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summer Sunrise at Emiquon

The summer of 2011 was sweltering here in Fulton County, as in much of the nation, and I didn't venture out very often. Early one day in August, I woke to find the temperature had dropped into the upper 60s. A cool front! So I headed to the Lake Observatory at Emiquon Nature Preserve's newly opened visitor center. 08072011JGW-SunriseEmiquonWetlandObservatory_MG_1664 08072011JGW-SunriseEmiquonWetlandObservatoryIMG_0230

 From the boardwalk at the Lake Observatory, I could see across the lake to the Wetland Observatory, which was silhouetted against the morning sky. 08072011JGW-SunriseEmiquonWetlandObservatoryIMG_0232 08072011JGW-SunriseEmiquonWetlandObservatoryIMG_0277 08072011JGW-SunriseEmiquonLakeObservatoryIMG_0289 08072011JGW-EmiquonSunriseIMG_0318