Thursday, May 18, 2006

Green Heron on the wing at Chautauqua Lake. Scott and I had a great outing yesterday morning. We drove down to Spring Lake in Tazewell County to see if any baby swans were around. Yes there were! In stead of driving down the lake road, we took that gravel road behind the lake, between the slough and the new wetland they are creating, called Spring Lake Bottoms. It is a gorgeous place. Wildflowers made the northern part of it a sea of color. Farther south, it is wetter, and waterfowl were in abundance, including what we thought was a White Ibis (scroll down for a blurry photo taken from a long distance). I don't think it is an ibis now, probably another egret. At Chautauqua Wildlife Refuge, we saw even more waterfowl. Some of the photos are posted below. If I have misidentified anything, please let me know.

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