Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cattle Egret Near Lake Chautauqua





Wednesday morning I did some birding at Emiquon Preserve, which I will report on later, then I had lunch in Havana at the Chuck Wagon restaurant and headed home (Peoria) on the East side of the river, making sure I drove past the Chautauqua area where the Cattle Egret had been reported foraging on the side of the busy rural road. Yes, I did find the Cattle Egret! much farther north than previously reported, but otherwise, just as described, and I have photos!

I had to pull over to the other side of the road to get enough distance for my 100-400mm lens, but man I got some good shots! A car came up and drove past me on the right (the only space I gave him) and the old guy inside gave me some ugly shots with his eyes, but he never spotted the Egret. . . . Later I found him pulling into the Hillaleah Club (a rural bar, just outside of Goofy Ridge). . .my husband said that I lmust have been in his way between him and his beer! ;-)

I have a story about how Goofy Ridge got its name. It is posted here:
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