Sunday, April 22, 2007

Three Eaglets in Marshall County

Last Sunday we visited the blind across the highway from the Eagle nest. Other birders were present and they told us there were three eaglets. I was only able to see two, but when we got home I found that little third head in several photos.

For more pholtos or to watch a slideshow, check out my Picasa Web Album:
Eagles and Eaglets


Aaron said...

Awesome photos Jane! Can you post the location of the nest/blind or email me at
Thanks, Aaron Yount
My interest in photography started with the need for reference for my wildlife paintings. You can see some of my work at

robert buchholz said...

Really thank you for sharing the photos. 'what lens did you use shooting the eaglets?

Jane said...

Thanks Robert and Aaron. Aaron, I tried to email you but it bounced. You can write me at