Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tom Turkey and the Jersey Cheese Shop

Tom, the Turkey at the Jersey Cheese Shop in McLean County

When we drove up, Tom was waiting in front of the store. This cheese shop is on a dairy farm where they make the cheese in an on-farm cheese processing facility. It has windows so you can look inside and watch them making cheese. This is a family dairy farm. Mrs. Ropp showed us around the facility, including the dairy barn, where we got to feed the Jersey cows and pet a frisky calf. Jersey cows are smaller than the cows I normally see around here. We bought some cheese, which is great (they have over 40 varieties!). However, Tom was the highlight of the visit!

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Anonymous said...

His tail looks like its seen better days. :)


Jane said...

Actually the woman who runs the shop said that he had just molted and these are new feathers that have not lost the sheath that covers them as they emerge.