Friday, July 04, 2008

Eaglet Chased by Kingbird!

My friend Ed and I visited the Eagle nest on Friday, July 4, hoping the eaglets would still be returning to the nest to feed. Fellow eaglet watchers assured us that the adults continue to bring food and drop it off on both the current and old nests. As we waited behind the blind across the highway from the nest site, one of the eaglets flew in toward the nest with a Kingbird right on him. It looked like he had something in his foot, perhaps a baby Kingbird? But no, it wasn't anything at all. The poor eaglet was trying to come back to his nest and the Kingbird was protecting his nest area, and both nests happened to be near each other, unfortunately for our eaglets!

Copy of EagletKingbird_MG_8370

Two Kingbirds are on this baby eagle, one on his head and the other at the tip of his wing, you can just see the tail.


The Kingbird hangs on and rides on the back of the eaglets neck!


Our baby eaglet finally loses the tenacious Kingbird.


Once more the Kingbird lands on his back.


Our young eaglet finally gets away!



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