Sunday, July 13, 2008

Osprey at Nest

I walked along the dike at Banner Marsh to check on the osprey nest. One of the adults was sitting on the edge of the nest. He or she spotted me and flew out over me in a threatening way. I retreated behind the tree line. After a few minutes of photographing a Goldfinch, I went back for another look at the nest, trying to stay behind the trees. The bird spotted me and again flew out over me in a threatening way. I didn't want to disturb it any more than I already had, so I walked back to the car. I think there must be babies in the nest, although I didn't see them. I'm surprised that they haven't fledged by now. This nest is very large and deep enough to hide the young birds. From the adult's behavior I'd say the babies are still in there.


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