Sunday, September 21, 2008

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If you scroll through all the pages in this collection, you will see that I have been watching the Banner Marsh/Copperas Creek/Rice Lake area for a very long time. This part of the Illinois River migratory bird flyway is very dear to my heart. My advocacy to prevent mining on the proposed site between Banner Marsh and Rice Lake comes from my love for the natural wonder called a river system. Illinois citizens have so few natural areas to enjoy. Why destroy one of the most beautiful areas along the Illinois River? Coal mining will disrupt much of the beauty of this unique area and frighten away some of the most rare and precious forms of life living in the area. Reclamation of the proposed mine site will never remake it into what it is right now, and it will take 30 years and millions of dollars to get it to a state similar to the state Banner Marsh is in now, and Banner Marsh, as beautiful as it is, has a long way to go; it is an ongoing project.

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