Thursday, January 01, 2009

Allerton on New Years Day

On New Years Day I drove over to Allerton Park near Monticello. The sun was supposed to come out in the afternoon, and it tried, but it never made it.

On the way, I crossed Clinton Lake. Some Mallard Ducks were out on the ice. Steam was coming off the water because the water is warmer than the air.


At Allerton, I walked down the trail leading to the Death of the Last Centaur statue.
It was flooded on the other side of the statue area. The Sangamon River was way out of its banks.
Ice crystals formed patterns along the banks of one of the streams leading to the river.
I found a spot of color among the browns, blacks, and whites of winter.

After leaving Allerton, I went by Riverbend to watch the geese. There were thousands of geese flying every which way, with a large gaggle out on the ice.

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