Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baker Hollow Revisited

On our way back from Emiquon on Friday, we stopped at Baker Hollow Creek, which runs down the bluff into the proposed Banner Mine site. This stream is a perennial stream, which means it runs year round. It ends at the wet prairie where I found the threated Decurrent False Asters. It just seeps into the porous ground and disappears into the ground water system.

I found a spot in the sunlight where the ice was melted and the birds were gathering. Goldfinches, Cardinals, and Bluebirds were flying to and fro. What a lovely spot! I watched through my 400 mm lens from the bridge, not being allowed onto the property for a proper look.





Scott is looking at the foot prints of the many animals that cross the snowy path every day. Rabbits, mice, voles, coyotes, raccoons, and more . . . this place is alive!

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Vickie said...

It does look very alive! Beautiful photos!