Saturday, August 15, 2009

Egrets and Herons at Emiquon

On Saturday August 15, after the Emiquon Corps of Discovery meeting, Ed and I drove the levee around Thompson Lake. The sky was so hazy that you could barely see the bluff in the background. The haze over the lake created a surreal beauty.


I photographed a Black-crowned Night-heron and found a Green Heron lurking in the shadows when I processed the photo:


Egrets like to hang out on the pumping structure on the River side of the preserve.


Three juvenile Little Blue Herons (one on either end and one on the lower level), two Cattle Egrets (one behind the Little Blue on the left) and a Great Egret. What a difference in size!


Here is a link to the large size to make it easier to see the LB Herons. 618d5_b.jpg

Cattle egrets like to hunt bugs on the levee.


As we drove past, they calmly moved down to the waters edge. After we passed, they moved back up the levee.


Pelicans were congregating far out on the lake on the ridge between Thompson and Flag Lakes.


Most of the egrets flew away as we approached, but this one Great Egret stood his ground at the base of the levee.


The eagle nest is difficult to spot through the foliage.


After driving the levee we drove Clark Road. The cows were in the pasture along side the road, and the Cattle Egrets were there feasting on flies!





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