Thursday, March 11, 2010

They're Back! More Snow Geese

On Thursday, with 68 degree weather and beautiful billowing clouds blowing across a blue sky, Thompson Lake was wide open. Ducks and Coots were not as plentiful as they were just a few days ago, and we weren't seeing many geese flying over. However, as we approached the far southern end of the lake, we could see a long line of white about a mile out on the water. We turned around at the National Wildlife Refuge and stopped at the pull-off directly across from the line of white. Before I could get out of the car, the Snow Geese making up this long line started rising from the water. Scott and I estimate about 50,000 geese in this flock. It was fun to watch them rise and fall, rearranging themselves in the water, but not leaving.





A few lines of geese flew off from the flock.



A few Coots came in for a landing near the edge of the lake.


Looking North from Pumphouse Road pull-off towards the boat ramp, you can see the down power lines.


The power poles along the former Pump House Road that had been held up by the ice have fallen under water.


Along Prairie Road, new power poles bring power to The Nature Conservancy.


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