Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Northern Perspective at Emiquon

Emiquon is a myriad of habitats with diverse populations of flora and fauna as shown in landscapes taken on a walk along the North Levee.

A Northern Harrier flew low over the prairie, far out near the lake. The tell-tale white rump shows even at that distance.

Monarchs were some of many butterflies I encountered on the walk, most of which would flutter away, far out of reach of my camera lens.


Many little birds disappeared in the prairie as I approached, but this Song Sparrow stopped briefly before disappearing with the others.

Sometime during the summer, TNC mowed rows in one section of the prairie. It is filling in now, but you can still see the rows.

Since TNC began pumping water out of Thompson Lake, mudflats have been exposed around the edges of the water. On this side of the lake they are quite extensive. Many shore birds, wading birds, and waterfowl were taking advantage of the shallow water and mudflats. The birds were way too far away to photograph, but the colors of the exposed mud against the water and the green of the wet prairie are striking.

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