Saturday, August 20, 2011

Short Trip Through the Prairie

After meeting with the Emiquon Corps of Discovery at Dickson Mounds Museum, I drove through the prairie to see if the Cardinal Flower was still in bloom. I found several of the brilliant red plants blooming at the foot of the bluff along Prairie Road:

I found several Anise Hyssop plants blooming, which is rare in Illinois. Typical habitats include upland areas of prairies, such as the one at the base of the bluff here at Emiquon. It may also be found in scrubby barrens and thickets.
08202011JGW-EmiquonPrairieRoad-Anise Hyssop_MG_1775

The cup flowers had almost finished blooming by mid-August.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like prairie in summer, nice work!