Sunday, January 13, 2008

Springdale Cemetery in January

Saturday the air was cool but the light was bright and the shadows were striking at Springdale Cemetery. I walked up and down the bluffs for several hours with my camera and found many interesting things to photograph. The light and shadows fascinated me as I continuted to search for birds and other creatures that live in the cemetery.

The first thing I saw when I walked along the creekside road was an adult Bald Eagle soaring over the bluffs. Seconds later I spotted an Eastern Red-tailed Hawk. Later on my walk an owl flew over, being chased by jays and crows. He landed in a tree on a distant bluff and then was hounded away. Later, as I headed down the bluff, I spotted another Red-tailed Hawk flying into a tree. When I got close enough to attempt a photo he flew to another tree. Then a second hawk flew to the tree and the first hawk flew away. In addition, I found deer in the pine trees behind the little hillside savanna. All in all it was an excellent day!

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Hope Tramont said...

I live in Arizona and never knew any of my Grandparents (they either died before my birth or shortly afer. Recently I found out my Great Grandmother was buried at Springdale, a victim of homicide. Now, at least thanks to you, I can see where she was buried. One day I hope to have a picture of her grave. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Hope

Jane said...

Hope, it is a lovely old cemetery. If you let me know your great grandmother's name (and birth and death dates if you have them), I can try to locate the grave and take a photo for you. You can send me an email at jward1108 at