Sunday, January 13, 2008

Springdale Creek
Springdale Creek runs through the cemetery. It is a dry creek most of the time, but on Saturday it was running strong.



Abandoned Park Building
This building has only desintegrated over the 20 years that we'ver lived in Peoria. It looks like part of the park district and is fenced off from the cemetery. It is sometimes covered with huge tarps that must cost a fortune, but after the first storm they start to fall apart and no one does anything. Lately they seem to have given up trying to cover it. I think at this point they should recover any materials (the tile roof!) and tear it down. What is the point of preserving it like this?
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Anonymous said...

This is actually the original gate house to the cemetery; the entrance was down on Perry Street instead of Prospect. There are efforts in place to raise money to restore the building.

Jane said...

Thanks for the information. I didn't know that the Perry Street entrance was the main entrance to the cemetery. Now it makes more sense, along with the fenced off rubble on the other side of the street. Any efforts to get the missing cannon back?