Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Closeup Views: Beavers at Cooper Park

Beavers were busy eating in the thawing water. As I walked over the boardwalk, they moved under it. When I came back several minutes later, they were back in the open eating. An adult and a juvenile. They let me watch them through the slats on the boardwalk as they continued their meal.


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LindaSueBuhl said...

Jane - what marvelous closeups! They do need some whitening strips on those teeth don't they? Never knew how discolored their teeth could be - but they are efficient at doing what beavers do and that is the importance isn't it? They create a micro-system that gives so many other creatures either shelter or food. As always thank you for the glimpses of the natural world around you.

Jane said...

It surprised me to find that their front teeth, those chisels that take down a small willow in a couple of bites, are rust colored. You can really see the bottom incisors in the bottom photo.