Sunday, March 02, 2008

Eagle Nest

We had some nice spring weather on Sunday, which has totally vanished this morning as rain and snow move through Central Illinois again. Scott and I took a drive looking for eagles along the river. We know where an eagle nest is located between the river and a busy highway. There is a blind and a trail leading to it, but it was too muddy and slushy to walk the trail. We walked along the highway from the designated parking lot and yes indeed there was an eagle sitting low in the nest, just barely peering out at me. The light was bad and I didn't have a great view and traffic on the highway (a two-lane) worried me, so we headed back to the car. Then as I drove towards the nest, the sun came out! of course, it comes out then! but no traffic and there was a straight highway for quite a ways both in front and behind, so I stopped and took some shots. With a nasty utility wire across the nest, but the eagle head, eye, and bill are clear. Earlier we had seen another eagle in a field and after we left the nest we saw one flying along the bluffs. The sun came out just in time to kiss the tail as if flew up towards a dark cloudy sky. Of course I was driving and couldn't photograph anything! But my memory! I have that.


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