Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cooper Park Again

Only two weeks since the last time I visited, and the place is covered in green. You can barely tell the area had been under water a few weeks ago. Our first surprise was finding a snake in the bushes right by the car.


We think it is a Graham's Crayfish Snake.

As we walked south from the parking area into the woods, a juvenile flycatcher was begging food, but the parent flew away. The juvenile stuck around for a few minutes before flying away.

JuvFlycatcher CooperPark07052009JGWardIMG_4137

JuvFlycatcher CooperPark07052009JGWardIMG_4140

JuvFlycatcher CooperPark07052009JGWardIMG_4143

JuvFlycatcher CooperPark07052009JGWardIMG_4144


A Downy Woodpecker was working on a tree near the trail.


Arrowleaf plantain grows lush along both sides of the boardwalk. It is blooming right now. The blooms look like leaves opening. Later there will be huge seed pods.



There was a great view of the Peoria skyline from the end of the trail, behind Jonah's Seafood House, a great place for seafood with a view.


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