Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Storms Over Emiquon

Scott and I drove down to Emiquon on Tuesday afternoon. It was nice and sunny when we arrived, and I was anxious to try out an extender on my lens to see if I could see the birds far out on the lake. However, by the time I set it up on the tripod, clouds moved in. I took some photos of pelicans in the limited light with limited success.



Scott and I then went into Havana for a sandwich at the Chuck Wagon restaurant. Afterwards we drove back to Dickson Mounds to attend a lecture as the storm moved in.


Large numbers of egrets and herons were gathered in a field that is being pumped to remove flood waters.




We drove around the prairie for a while taking photos of the stormy skies.




We got to the museum just before the heavy rains came pouring down. It continued to rain the entire time we were there, with no sign of letting up, so we made a dash for the car and got soaked for our trouble. By the time we got to Rice Lake, we had driven out of the rain.

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