Thursday, February 03, 2011

Eagles at Havana's River Front

The Illinois River at Havana is a great place to view eagles. I stopped by on January 30 and found 8 - 10 eagles in the trees on the west side of the river. However, one beauty posed for me on the sign for Tall Timbers Marina on the east side.

In the parking lot, a flock of Ring-billed Gulls hung out, waiting for someone to throw out some bread, or a fish to land, not sure which:

Yesterday, after digging out from the blizzard that passed through on Tuesday, I drove back over to the riverfront. The light was much better, but no eagles posed on the east side. The temperature was in the lower teens, and steam billowed out of the power plant south of the bridge.

Two eagles were out on the ice. As I attempted to focus on one, it lifted off and flew upstream.

I focused on the other eagle, thinking what a strange looking eagle. Once my lens focused I could see that it was a Red-tailed Hawk sitting out on the ice.

Fifteen or more eagles were perched in the trees on the west side of the river and the west side of Tall Timber Marina.






As I returned to my car, I took one parting shot of the Red-tail, who continued his icy vigil.

I stopped by the grocery store before heading back across the river, and found an American Crow on the icy parking lot. I took one shot before it took off to move farther away.


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