Friday, February 04, 2011

Snowy Emiquon

After viewing eagles in Havana, I drove back home through Emiquon, taking a detour through Prairie Road, which had been cleared of snow. Before turning onto County 9 from IL 78, I stopped on the only spot of shoulder along the stretch of highway that bisects the Emiquon Preserve. I took a photo of the frozen lake. The gray area on the lake is the last open area and the first that will open up if the temperatures get up above freezing.

I stopped on County 9 and took a photo of the bluffs far across the snowy cornfield.

From Prairie Road, I had a different perspective using my wide angle lens.

Dickson Creek was picturesque in the snow.



A Pinto horse stood at the fence near the road as I passed one of the farm houses on Prairie Road.

A Red-tailed Hawk took off from the prairie and flew along the bluff before disappearing to the other side.

An American Kestrel landed in a tree in front of me and stayed put for a few moments before relocating farther away.

Little winter birds, mostly America Sparrows, darted into the prairie for shelter as I drove by. The snow covered bluff in the background stood out against the bright blue February sky.

I stopped at the Prairie Road Wetland and looked back at the bluffs. I could still see the scrolls of Prairie flowers that had bloomed in golden colors all summer.

I turned back towards the wetland and the juxtaposition of blue sky, white snow and dark trees, with the Havana cloud maker pumping away in the background.

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